I'm a big fan of designing shirts, canvases, cards, posters etc. Most of what I've done is through digital media, but I work with atoms as well.

This page shows a selection of commissioned and non-commissioned art.

Ultimate Jerseys

I started really doodling thanks to opportunities to design jerseys for ultimate teams I've been involved in

CSAIL Shirts

Turns out free shirts are all the rage in grad school, and it gave me a good chance to design a bunch

Other Shirts

Some other shirts I've designed for Google events, research groups, or self interest.


Layer Ping Pong

CaretDashCaret and I played a sketch-based version of Layertennis where the two of us volley art back and forth. The esteemed Merecua provided real-time commentary.

Check out the results here!

Classic Rap Albums

One month, I decided to draw some class rap albums that I really like.

Slam Dunkin'

Paint.NET is the most amazing MS Windows-based drawing app, and has a fill features that makes "cloud-like" textures. I tried it out on a series of slam dunks.

Kale Crusaders

Kale Crusaders is a really cool blog that provides a marketing voice for underrepresented vegetable and vegetarian/vegan ingredients. I've made some guest posts in the past for projects I support. In particular, satsuma oranges, which are the most awesome fruit of all time.

Wild Things